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Our pediatric chiropractors have invested thousands of hours in ongoing training and clinical experience focused on pediatrics. There is nothing more important than influencing the health of children in our community. Our goal is to make sure your child can function optimally. Whether they want to be a great athlete or are struggling with focusing at school, we know they have the capacity to live life to the fullest.

We ask you to forget any labels or diagnoses that have been stuck on your child. They are not their diagnosis. With our experience, we can manage even the most complex of cases. Our entire team is here to support you through the process of care.

Keeping It Simple for You

We understand it can be difficult for your child to sit through the consultation process. We want you to be able to communicate openly with us about all of your concerns, so we often will talk with Mom or Dad on the phone. You’ll complete the new patient forms online and on the call we’ll discuss the case history and your goals for care.

What Sets Us Apart

A child with a neurodevelopmental diagnosis is like a car speeding down the highway at 200 miles an hour. To get them to stop, you wouldn’t pull the emergency brake. You’d tap on the brakes. Our training gives us an understanding of how to tap the brakes of the nervous system to help your child be able to slow down.

Our doctors are trained to understand how brain imbalances impact the normal function of the nervous system.  With our extensive training, we are able to care for each patient using our state-of-the-art technology, the INSiGHT neuroTECH, to see a 360 degree view of their nervous system and its’ function.  We then analyze and use this data to develop a customized care plan for each individual. 

The Importance of Repetition

We all learn by repetition. The first time you rode a bike, was it successful? Most of us crashed and ended up with scraped knees. Every time after that, however, was a little easier. You can think of adjustments in the same way. Each time we adjust your child, their nervous system gets stronger.

The adjustment has a positive impact on your child’s brain function. It will start to rewire while calming the stress response. As your child continues care, you’ll begin to notice a difference in their behavior.

See Objective Measurements

Though you’ll notice a difference in your child’s behavior, we also want to monitor the changes that are happening with their nervous system. Every 12 visits we will perform neuro scans to evaluate how their nervous system is adapting to care. This allows us to evaluate your child’s progress and provide continued care according to their response.

We’ve been privileged to make a difference in the lives of numerous people in our area. One memorable case was a mom who brought in her son. The mother had a Ph.D. in psychology and had tried everything to help her son, who had been diagnosed with ADHD and sensory processing disorder. He didn’t understand boundaries and social norms and displayed violent tendencies. The mom didn’t want to use medication and told us, “You’re my last stop.”

Over the course of care, we could see that the boy was calmer and had changes in his emotional regulation. A month with us brought his first positive report home from school. Within three months, he was only having positive reports. He improved so much that he caught up with his peers and no longer needed special assistance.

Dr. Scott Haggerty

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