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Chiropractic Care

At Elite Family Chiropractic, we like to keep things simple. When it comes to explaining chiropractic care, we’ll explain it to you, similar to how we would for our pediatric patients. Think about everything your brain does for you: it makes you move, think, digest your food and even keeps your heart beating.

Enhancing Your Brain-Body Connection

Your spinal cord comes from your brain. You can think of the spinal cord and the nerves that come out from it like wires that send information from the brain to the body and back. As chiropractors, our job is to make sure that those communication channels stay open and clear.

Feeling Stressed?

With our adult patients, we emphasize how chiropractic can affect your stress levels. We’re surrounded by physical, chemical and emotional stresses all day. Your brain’s ability to respond to these stressors is vital to your well-being.

When there is interference in the communication between your brain and body, you can’t respond to stress the way you should. You can’t focus or perform the tasks you need to in a day. We make sure that your brain gets the correct input from your body so everything can work at 100%.

The research is clear: every time you get adjusted, it turns down your stress response and puts your brain into a state of growth, development and healing. It even helps improve your brain function!

The benefits of chiropractic that you can experience include boosted immunity, better sleep, improved concentration and clearer thinking, just to name a few. The many conditions and problems that we often see include

  • ADHD
  • Asthma
  • Autism
  • Balance and coordination issues

  • Colic
  • Constipation
  • Earaches
  • Headaches

  • Oppositional defiance disorder
  • Reflux
  • Sensory processing disorder
  • Temper tantrums and meltdowns

When you become a patient with us, we have two goals. The first is to help you feel better physically. The second is improving your quality of life. We do so by making sure your brain and nervous system can respond to your daily stressors.

The techniques we may use to adjust you include

  • Activator®
  • ArthroStim®
  • Integrator™
  • Logan Basic

  • MC2
  • Torque Release Technique™
  • Webster Technique

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