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Breast Thermography

Smiling WomenWe are excited to announce that we will be offering Breast Thermography in the New Year! Our office has partnered with The Drugless Doctors to offer this state of the art technology for women AND men.

What is Breast Thermography?

Breast Thermography is a functional evaluation that reads temperature changes in the breast tissue. This allows the doctors to determine whether there is a pattern of abnormal function. This scan is used as a guide for prevention, so based on the reports it provides you will be given a nutritional and lifestyle guide that is custom to you.

Breast Thermography is non-invasive, non-pain, non-radiation, and non-touch! Although it does not replace a mammogram, it is an extremely valuable tool to help monitor breast health and improve function.

“Thermography is a painless, noninvasive, state of the art clinical test without any exposure to radiation and is used as part of an early detection program which gives women of all ages the opportunity to increase their chances of detecting breast disease at an early stage. It is particularly useful for women under 50 where mammography is less effective.” – Meditherm

Why should someone get Breast Thermography?

For prevention. This technique will provide you with the tools you need to work on improving breast health before something could develop. It is 8-10 years ahead of changes that could be evident on a mammogram.

To be proactive. Now is the time to take control of what you should and shouldn’t be doing to improve your health! This technique will give you the tools you need to stay away from trouble in the future.

An alternative approach. This approach offers different results and an inside look on how our bodies are function. Additionally, this is pain and touch free!

How does this process work?

It’s simple! Our first session is scheduled for February 9th and we will be taking appointments in the morning. When you call to schedule, we will find a time that works for you and collect a deposit of $125 (this will go towards the cost of your first scan, which is $250 total).

Before this appointment, we will send you the paperwork that you will need to complete.

When you arrive to your appointment on February 9th, we will collect your paperwork, process your remaining balance of $125, and schedule your next scan. We will then bring you back to meet with Dr. Casen for your quick, and pain free breast thermography scan. After that, you are done for the day!

Your breast thermography scans will then be sent to a doctor who is trained to read and interpret the images. They will use specialized software to create a report based off of your results. This report hold information on risk level, such as if you are above, below or within normal limits. This report will then be sent to Elite Family Chiropractic.

During your scheduled consultation 2 weeks following your initial scan, one of our doctors from Elite Family Chiropractic will meet with you to review your report. This appointment will give you copies of your report, nutritional information, lifestyle guidelines, and a full strategy to help improve or maintain results.

In about 3 months, we will see you for your next scan. When you arrive to this appointment, we will process your payment of $200, and bring you back to meet with Dr. Casen for your quick scan. This is a vital piece of Breast Thermography because it will show any changes and determine your baseline. Additionally, any thermography done without a comparison is against current standards for FDA approval.

At this consultation, one of our doctors will sit with you to view the comparison between the first and second scan, and detect any changes and improvements.

Typically, you would then only do 1 scan per year to monitor your breast health. Of course, our office is here for any questions or guidance in between appointments!

Does my insurance cover this?

Currently, most medical insurances will not reimburse for this procedure. However, payment options include self-pay, health savings, or flexible spending accounts.

Important Pre-Breast Thermography Checklist

  • Wear a loose-fitted shirt that easily can be unbuttoned or taken off for imaging.
  • Please arrive on time. This provides you and your Thermographer to optimize the experience. The session itself is brief, and the more prepared you are allows the convenience of being in and out.
  • Breast Thermography cannot be performed until three months after any other breast surgery, biopsy, or the completion of chemotherapy or radiation treatments.
  • Breast Thermography cannot be performed during pregnancy or while breast feeding.
  • Do not have physical or massage therapy, electrical stimulation, or a chiropractic adjustment 24 hours before your breast thermography time.
  • Do not have coffee or other hot beverages two hours prior to the thermography appointment
  • Do not smoke two hours before the thermography.
  • Do not put on any lotions the day of the procedure. Lotion can cause a temperature change. Deodorant and makeup are allowed.
  • Do not be in direct sunlight 24 hours before your breast thermography; this includes tanning beds. (You cannot be sunburnt at the time of your breast thermography.)
  • It is not necessary to change your diet before the breast thermography.
  • Medicine or nutritional support is fine prior to the assessment.
  • Jewelry will need to come off for the thermography; please plan accordingly.
  • Your hair will need to be up and away from your neckline and face; please plan accordingly.
  • You may bring someone with you to the appointment, but you will go into the room by yourself. If you would need assistance, please discuss with the doctor or team.
  • Our team can answer most of your questions. Remember, the doctors will be reviewing all results and any questions you may have at your follow-up consultation.
  • Do not exercise two hours prior to your breast thermography.

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